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Child processes are randomly killed (occurred with <sql > and <junit >)

Child processes are randomly killed (occurred with <sql > and <junit >)

2007-08-02       - By Alexis de Bernis
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We encountered the following troubling error when dealing with long ant
tasks. When the server is heavily loaded, ANT tasks may randomly abort
before their natural end. Adding the verbose flag only shows the
"[DEBUG] Process finished" log without any exception.

This was first occurring on the <sql> tasks with long running queries
(about 2 hours to complete), but we recently had the same problem
running a long <junit> test suite.

We are using Ant 1.7.0, triggered by the Quickbuild
( build server.

Running these tasks when the server is lightly loaded succeeds every
time. We suspect some sort of OOM errors, but having absolutely no error
report nor an exception stack trace is troublesome.

Could you please help me in analyzing this problem so I can determine if
the process gets killed because of Ant ?

Thanks in advance,

-- Alexis

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