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AW: Changing directory structure in copy

AW: Changing directory structure in copy

2007-08-07       - By Jan.Materne@(protected)
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A mapper maps file names, thats right.
But a "file name" in Java is the complete path...

The mapper gets the complete path to the file and you could apply the renaming,
e.g. using a <globmapper>.
Otherwise the <package>/<unpackage> mappers wouldnt make sence, right? ;-)

Problem could occur with your ".." in your source layout... as ".." is not part
of a file-path.

<property name="from.dir" location=".."/>      !! location is resolved to the
actual path ;)
<property name="to.dir" location="dbutil"/>
   <fileset dir="${from.dir}" ... />
   <globmapper from="${from.dir}/*/db" to="${to.dir}"/>

not tested ...

Not sure if running in -debug mode would show the mapping (I think not :-( ).
For testing (without really copying) you could try <pathconvert> (just replace
<copy> by <pathconvert>...)


>-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: David Weintraub [mailto:qazwart@(protected)]
>Gesendet: Montag, 6. August 2007 22:40
>An: Ant Users List
>Betreff: Changing directory structure in copy
>I need to copy the following directories:
>    ../dir1/db/*
>    ../dir2/db/*
>    ../foo/db/*
>    ../bar/db/*
>    dbutil/dir1
>    dbutil/dir2
>    dbutil/foo
>    dbutil/bar
>Basically, I want to copy all directories:
>    ../*/db
>    dbutil/*
>I looked at mapper, but it seems to only map file names. Is there a
>way to map directories in Ant without using any "optional" tasks,
>manually listing the directories, or using shell callouts?
>David Weintraub
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