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Changing directory structure in copy

Changing directory structure in copy

2007-08-07       - By David Weintraub
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I have the following build.xml:

<project name="test" default="test" basedir=".">
   <target name="test">
       <delete dir="test"/>
       <mkdir dir="test"/>
       <copy todir="test">
           <fileset dir=".">
               <include name="*/db/**"/>
           <mapper type="glob"

When I run it, the directories are copied and the names of the
directories are modified, but the files under those directories aren't
copied over.

I tried the following (using extra asterisks) in the mapper:

           <mapper type="glob"

But, then it doesn't copy the directories. Any ideas?

On 8/6/07, David Weintraub <qazwart@(protected)> wrote:
> I need to copy the following directories:
>     ../dir1/db/*
>     ../dir2/db/*
>     ../foo/db/*
>     ../bar/db/*
> To:
>     dbutil/dir1
>     dbutil/dir2
>     dbutil/foo
>     dbutil/bar
> Basically, I want to copy all directories:
>     ../*/db
> to:
>     dbutil/*
> I looked at mapper, but it seems to only map file names. Is there a
> way to map directories in Ant without using any "optional" tasks,
> manually listing the directories, or using shell callouts?
> --
> David Weintraub
> qazwart@(protected)

David Weintraub

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