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Copying a subdirectory hierarchy containing variable intermediate subdirecto

Copying a subdirectory hierarchy containing variable intermediate subdirecto

2007-08-08       - By Steve Loughran
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Laszlo Szabo wrote:
> I'm trying to copy a subdirectory and its contents when it is separated from
> the root directory by a couple of directories that are machine generated and
> therefore have variable names.
> For example in the following directory structure:
> C:\BUILDS\Proj1_Code\devbuild\385633b5\f0e5959c\ejbModule
> The 'root' directory for the build is C:\BUILDS\Proj1_Code\devbuild
> The generated directories are 385633b5 and f0e5959c
> The directory that I want to copy is ejbModule.
> Is there an easy way to do this? The following copies everything below the
> root which is not what I want (I only want ejbModule and its contents).
> <copy todir="${build.dir}/test" >
>                         <fileset dir="C:/BUILDS/Proj1_Code/devbuild">
>                            <include name="**/ejbModule/**"/>
>                         </fileset>

Ok, so the problem is you want to strip out the machine generated

For this you can use a mapper in the copy, that provides rules as how to
rename things. I fear the mapper in question is the <regexp> mapper,
which means you get a chance to work out the regular expression needed
do to the mapping; something that matches on (and discards) the machine
directories, but maps down everything below the ejbmodule.

Having a quick look at the mappers manual page, I think it would be
something like this:

 <copy todir="${build.dir}/test" >
      <fileset dir="C:/BUILDS/Proj1_Code/devbuild">
          <include name="**/ejbModule/**"/>
    <regexpmapper handledirsep="true"
      from="^(.*)/ejbModule/(.*)$$&" to="ejbModule/\2"/>

But be warned, I rarely use this mapper, and am very ignorant. I'd do
lots of -verbose runs to get it right

Let us know how it works, and we can add a new example for the documentation


Steve Loughran        
Author: Ant in Action 

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