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How to convert back slashes to forward slashes

How to convert back slashes to forward slashes

2007-08-09       - By glenn opdycke-hansen
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I believe you need to use the <pathconvert> task, see
Below is from an example:

   <path id="wl.path">
     <pathelement location="${wl.home}/lib/weblogicaux.jar"/>
     <pathelement location="${wl.home}/classes"/>
     <pathelement location="${wl.home}/mssqlserver4/classes"/>
     <pathelement location="c:\winnt\System32"/>

   <pathconvert targetos="unix" property="wl.path.unix" refid="wl.path">
     <map from="${wl.home}" to="${wl.home.unix}"/>
     <map from="c:" to=""/>

will generate the path shown below and store it in the property named



On 8/9/07, broken connection <brokenconnection@(protected)> wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I take a directory path input from the end-user and store it in a
> property,for example if its windows,it stores it as:
> log4j.location=C:\tomcat\logs
> And that messes up everything.Because \t is interpreted as tab. So, how
> can
> i change the backward slashes(windows convention) to forward slashes(unix
> convention) in the property before my build file is executed????
> Or, how to escape them eg "\" to "\\"
> I would appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Mick

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