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Java task, classpath problem

Java task, classpath problem

2007-08-10       - By Ognjen Blagojevic


Can someone try to explain this behavior of java ant task:

  <target name="test1">
    <java classname="com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.ContextFactory"/>


  java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: (...)ContextFactory.main

Which is what I expected. ContextFactory is class in JRE's lib rt.jar,
java task can find it, but it does not have main method. However, this task:

  <path id="emptyClasspath">
  <target name="test2">


  Could not find com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.ContextFactory.
  Make sure you have it in your classpath

Now, I expect when I put classpathref attribute in java task, that JRE
lib is still in the classpath, but it seems that this is not the case.
(?) Ant cannot find ContextFactory anymore.

Is this a bug?

I use latest released Ant (1.7.0) and Java (1.6.0_02)


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